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About us

About Bhukya Software Technologies

Bhukya Software Technologies is an Information Technology (IT) consulting and Solutions Company that is focused on providing state-of the-art technology solutions to challenges in today's rapidly changing business environment.

Bhukya Software Technologies is a fully integrated organization, providing product and application development, customization and integration services in enterprise applications, Core Banking platforms, and Mobile Application development.

At BST efficient technology solutions will be provided in a timely and cost-effective manner, through a variety of comprehensive service offerings, ranging from customized software design and development services to business consulting, product-based enterprise systems and web and Mobile application development. We offer multiple industry domains and verticals, following full or partial Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) specifications, optimally customized to cater to specific customer needs.

Who we are?

Bhukya Software Technologies was established in December 2012 by young, passionate professionals as a Partnership firm. Within a short span of 9-months development, Bhukya Software Technologies launched products in the travel and banking domain, of which both redefined the customer experience.

Bhukya Software Technologies subsequently took the form of a PVT LTD company in December 2013. The company is owned and managed by an exceptional executive team with over 35-years of combined technology experience in various industry sectors. All partners are highly qualified with Master's Degrees from top, highly qualified institutes.

Bhukya Software Technologies implements a "Learning Organization" philosophy by continuously striving to improve and acquire skills that enable development and implementation of robust and user-friendly products that re-define the user experience.

The commitment and promise of Bhukya Software Technologies is to "Deliver World Class Solutions with True Professionalism and Flawless Execution."Every strategy that Bhukya Software Technologies implements, as well as every technology solution provided is geared to improving the user-experience and increasing over-all customer satisfaction.

Bhukya Software Technologies Management Team:

  •   Jyothi Bhukya Director
  •   Bhav Singh Bhukya Director

Vision Statement

"Become the leading organization in providing better, cheaper, faster and consistent IT solutions aligned with business needs of our customers"

Our Mission

Our mission is to help customers understand their business processes, to identify critical areas for automation opportunities, and to proactively transform those into simple, robust, and scalable digitized processes through cost-effective and high quality technology solutions.

We support the mission through our following strengths:

  • Highly skilled and motivated professionals
  • Clear understanding of Business and IT goals
  • Providing simple, logical and innovative solutions to common business and technical problems
  • Executing cost effective solutions

Bhukya Software Technologies strongly believes in the values that bring success in a true trade relationship, which is creating a win-win situation. Our activities are guided by a set of values that brings professionalism to its ultimate level. Our values are:

  • We put the needs of our customers first
  • We believe in quality to be "what would provide our customers competitive advantage"
  • We are forthcoming in problem solving
  • We take business approach to provide technology solutions
  • We are true professionals
  • We treat each other with respect and dignity
  • We are committed to fair competition and futuristic technology
We believe the following to be the key success factors when serving our customers :
  • Creating visible customer value quickly
  • Built-in change-tolerance
  • Developing only necessary functionality
  • Being aggressive in setting and meeting goals

Ground Rules :

  • Satisfy the customer as the highest priority; not fulfill a plan, fill a document, placate a boss, or build some technically cool gadgets.
  • Provide best value for the money. Value is the difference between cost (to build, to buy, and to use — after compensating for defects) and value (the business value of the capabilities the system gives).
  • Active customer participation as a real function of the development in that the customer representative is really committed in the decision making on the project and the consequences of those decisions.
  • Team effort in all aspects of development, including planning.
  • Accept change as being part of the business, anticipate what might occur (where cost effective), expect that it will occur, and deal with it when it does occur.
  • Develop domain solutions (again with the value provision) rather than on-off solutions.
  • Practical solution today rather than perfect solution tomorrow.
  • Need determines technology rather than using technology for its own sake. Pick a workable technology and use it rather than cycling trying to find the "best."
  • Growth is determined by more features, not more code. The size may be irrelevant. What is relevant is what (valued) capabilities the system provides.
  • Java/J2EE
  • Portal Development
  • WAP enabled applications
  • Application Servers (JBoss, Websphere, WebLogic, Tomcat)
  • Web Servers (Apache, IIS)
  • Databases (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server)
  • Operating Systems (Unix, Windows)
  • Testing Tools (Open Source, Mercury)

  • For detailed information on our technology expertise please contact our technology sales associate info@bhukyssofttech.com