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We as entrepreneurs,understand the startup ecosystem, and cost limitations and bootstrapping struggles until you get initial fund.

We accelerate product development and cut your startup technology cost.We provide both onsite, offsite and hybrid teams.

We understand the startup idea changes, we follow lean and agile development process. We setup a dedicated agile team that works with you every day to understand your vision and make it a reality. We protect your Intellectual Property and your contact information.Besides we sign an NDA as part of the deal.

Team can be called up and down as required from a large pool of agile expert team. We also involve specific subject matter experts on an adhoc basis. You will always have access to transparent process with complete control over your project.

Every application is designed by a specialist architect who ensures your application is sleek, secure & scalable.

UI Design

We take pride ourselves in creating stunning designs and user interfaces that are focused not only on aesthetics, but also on the experience the user has when using the product. This includes aspects such as: accessibility, user-friendliness,ease of use and intuitiveness.


The architecture is carefully engineered to suite multi layer architecture to scale in any layer for future demands. We architect such a way that the application uses minimum resources with maximum ouput. Multi server deployment architecture is planned and mapped accordingly to handle high availability, fail over and load balancing.

Front End

Front end application also called presentation layer which is the interface between the user - and the data access layer the back end. It is the one which represents our idea, our company, values, ease of use,etc. We take utmost care in developing the front end application with best of the best technologies. Front End application should fit into all small, medium and large devices in a responsive way to easily use it.

Back End

The back-end application interact directly with the front-end or, perhaps more typically, through an API.We use MVC frameworks to fit dynamic libraries in a rapidly changing system.Based on the project requirements we select the best possible technology for the project and create an optimized table structure which will provide the fastest results and the best scaling options.Our expert team can handle any relational and non relational databases.

API Development

We create a secure REST based JSON API that communicates with the back-end bringing back data in the form of JSON objects. This allows re-usability of code among other things and makes it simple for the product to open 3rd party access to their APIs in the future or deploy on other platforms.

3rd Party API Integration

Now all 3rd party applications are accessed using APIs over REST or SOAP. It may be a payment gateway, travel API, SMS API, EMAIL API, Google Maps,etc there are thousands of interactive features that you can integrate into your application product. We use the interfaces provided and implement them into our application.


Everyone should agree that User Interface (UI) of any web applications is an important aspect. They’re usually on the top of the automated testing pyramid and thus automating UI test is the right step forward in QA automation.By writing Test cases for all the functions, we allow automated tests to make sure that the results being received from functions are what were expected from them.


Whether it is single server deployment or multi server deployment, high availability setup or fail over setup, our expertise team is ready to deploy and maintain the system. We take care of application backup and restore, health check,performance tuning, load balancing and scaling.