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Health Awareness Mobile Apps For Hospitals

Medical Apps

A lot of things of the healthcare and medical have gone online, through websites and mobile apps. The presence of the internet is firmly visible in health, medical, medicine and lifestyle domains. Many of them are merely targeted to mobile devices which of course give a strong base to the concept of m-Health. Healthcare applications, whether they are targeted to web or mobile, can be used as a full-fledged reference database, medical calculator, technique module and a clinical checkup tool.

We can provide personalized informative posters and videos for clinics and hospitals through android and ios mobile apps for awareness on health issues like Chronic Kidney Disease, Glycemic Happiness,malaria prevention and treatment for India and Africa countries.

Any pharma company or medical representative companies can use this app to create doctor specific personalized informative posters and videos for their clinics and hospitals promotion.
It is generated instantly using doctor name, speciliaztion and photo over pre defined posters and videos. These generated posters can be pasted to clinic or hospital walls to promote visiting patients. Also generated videos can be played in TV or shared over whatsapp, mail, drive,etc.

Following are the features of health awareness mobile app

Reference App : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glycemichappiness.app

  1. Pre defined employees can access the apps

  2. Doctors profile can be created with Name, Photo, Specialization,etc

  3. There are pre defined posters and videos in the system with different languages.

  4. Employees can dynamically generate posters and videos with doctor profile embedded in it with selected language.

  5. Employees can dynamically generate posters and videos with doctor profile embedded in it with selected language.

  6. These generated poster and video can be viewed, downloaded and shared via whatsapp, mail,drive,etc.

Following are some of the use cases the app can be used

  1. Physical activity of 30 minutes is required to be done everyday by everybody. This app will create awareness about this.

  2. Awareness towards problem faced by Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

  3. Spread awareness on malaria prevention and treatment

  4. spread awareness on Stroke and reduce the events of Stroke