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Live Product Training

Live Product Training (LPT)

Bhukya Software Technologies Pvt Ltd since its inception from 2012 has been recruiting fresher's for our own product development. Its been 4 years now and we still see there is big gap in the understanding and practical working of fresher's. We have observed that it is taking minimum 6 to 9 months to get required output from fresher's after several handover of technologies, tools and process.

So we have started Live Product Training (LPT) on following Live Products using real-time working with our team. Fresher's will be working along with our development team on our products. It is a 3 months course where we train candidates to get ready to do job on following technologies and tools.

Selection Criteria

1.Should have minimum knowledge of core and advanved java for backend developer.

2.Should have minimum knowledge of Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator, Fireworks and Dream viewer for Graphics Designer.

3.Should have minimum knowledge of linux and Windows installation, commands,etc for System Administrator.

Backend Developer


2.Spring Framework

3.Quartz scheduler

4.Jersey for web services

5.Spring Data JPA

6.Velocity Templates

7.Mysql/Oracle Databases

8.Mongo NoSQL DB

UI Developer




4.Android Apps

5.Responsive website

6.Backbone Js

7.Node Js





3.Maven Dependency Management

4.Bugzilla Bug Tracking

5.Asana Project Management

6.Agile development

7.Scrum meetings

8.Communication and email writing

9.Client Interactions

  • eTravelSmart
  • busoffers
  • onlinelocaldeals
  • jilmore
  • Core Banking Software

  • Operating Systems



    We will recruit after 3 months if we have requirement or we will refer to other companies in our network or candidate can look out job outside. We will make sure candidate get required understanding on each and everything to get start working in any company comfortably.

    Contact email - info@bhukyasofttech.com, mobile - +91-40-69999828 , +91 8885255199